2023: I’m Not Contesting Presidential Election-Adesina


President of the African Development Bank (ADB), Dr Akinwumi Adesina, has declared that he is not interested in contesting the presidential election in 2023.

He said this in a statement to clear the air on his speculated ambition to join the fray and contest the presidential election in 2023.

Adesina, in the statement, dated 17 May, 2022 and which he personally signed, said he is committed to the mission given to him by the ADB shareholders across the African Continent and beyond.

He, however, acknowledged that he received several calls from Nigerians, both at home and in the Disapora, urging him to consider running for the Office of the President.


Adesina said he was deeply honoured, humbled and grateful for all the goodwill, kindness and confidence, adding that his current responsibilities will, however, at this time, not allow him to accept contesting the 2023 presidential election.

“I have been extremely humbled by several calls from Nigerians at home and abroad that I should consider running for the office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“I am very touched by all who have gone to great extent, with such huge sacrifices, of their own volition, to consider me worthy to be proposed for potential consideration.

“The coalition groups of youth, women, farmers, physically challenged and well-meaning Nigerians that have done this have expressed their genuine free will, political right, freedom of expression and association for my consideration, with the interest of Nigeria at heart.

“While I am deeply honored, humbled and grateful for all the incredible goodwill, kindness, and confidence, my current responsibilities at this time do not allow me to accept to be considered.

“I remain fully engaged and committed to the mission that Nigeria, Africa and all the non-African shareholders of the African Development Bank have given me for Africa’s development.

“I remain fully focused on the mission of supporting the accelerated development and economic integration of Africa. May God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“May God bless Africa,” Dr Adesina, the President of the African Development Bank, stated in the statement.